We are in the process of finalizing the schedule. Please check this page again. Here's the schedule from last year.
  • Day 1 - Keynotes

    3rd July 2020

  • Day 2 - Workshops

    4th July 2020

  • Diversity is in our roots and the core purpose of HSBC. We were founded more than 150 years ago to facilitate trade between Asia and Europe. HSBC has always brought different people and cultures together ..its what our brand promise is ….Together we Thrive. We aspire to have a diverse workforce that’s representative of our customer base and reflects the communities that we operate in. HSBC has a large captive analytics Centre, GAC CoE at India. Given the availability of highly talented women in analytical workstreams, we would like to leverage this talent to create more value to HSBC globally. This also brings in different ideas and perspectives, help us innovate, manage Risk and grow sustainably. Three pronged approach to help drive the diversity numbers for us and Analytics at large o Solving for the Leaky pipeline o Sticky floor o Glass ceiling

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